Cave Troll

Still out of breath Nienna waited in the dark, glad the Ent was unable to enter the cave. Soon it departed, but it wasn’t long and she met the caves current occupant. “Gnah. Who there? Smell…human flesh. Mmmh…better than bore stew”, the Troll uttered in a guttural voice. His nostrils sucked in wafts of dank cave air. “Yes, human flesh. Where hiding? Come out an meet friend … good friend Gnarl Grill.”

She backed out slowly, keeping a good distance between her and the mandible. Outside rain was pouring down and she smelled the earthy forest around her. Just a bit more… The Troll swung his mandible in a upwards motion, only to break off a stalactite that promptly landed on his head. Furious and blinded by pain he stumbled backwards, providing an opening for Nienna to pierce the creatures belly. Wounded and cursing he retreated. Nienna turned on the spot and ran…lucky twice, but she wouldn’t challenge fate a third time today.

Techniques used

  • Wet-in-wet
  • Feathering
  • Two-brush blending
  • Stippling