About me

My name is Christopher and I create terrain pieces, paint miniatures for various games in 28mm and 15mm scale, develop campaign settings and encounters for RPGs and finally draw encounter and campaign maps.

I am and avid wargaming and fantasy roleplaying enthusiast, but I love me some boardgames, too. All of these endeavours are better with good background materials, visually stunning terrain and appealing miniatures. I always aim to create the most naturalistic result possible without forgetting about the tribulations of the gaming table.

To help you with your own projects and to show people that they can achieve excellent, naturalistic results no matter their skill level, is my goal. I publish tutorials, reviews and articles regularly on this blog. Those are free and always will be. Each tutorial features clear step-by-step instructions and illustrations. Finally, beautiful scenic shots can be found in the portfolio section, that really show off the miniatures and terrain. I hope they inspire you to create.

In the future, toddler permitting, I would also love to feature videos and Twitch streams to show you some of the stuff that is hard to explain in writing.

On a more serious note, painting historical miniatures and doing research on the various wars they represent, always reminds me of Walter Benjamin’s words: “Wer aber den Frieden will, der rede vom Krieg. Er rede vom vergangenen […], er rede von dem kommenden vor allem. Er rede von seinen drohenden Anstiftern, seinen gewaltigen Ursachen, seinen entsetzlichsten Mitteln” (Benjamin 1926/1991, S. 23). So, in my certainly not as eloquent words: if you desire peace, you have to talk, think and read about war. Past wars, future wars. Learn about warmongers, the reasons for war and the means of war.

So I hope the historical background I provide inspires you to read more about these conflicts and look beyond the gaming table. I think learning about the human condition and its failings is always a worthwhile endeavour. Maybe we can draw some conclusions for our own lives.

A last note: I really dislike pop-ups, advertisement and cookie consent banners, so you won’t find them here and your privacy does in fact matter. If you want to help keeping it that way, you can donate via Ko-Fi. Another great way to support the blog is to comment and share. So, enjoy reading and happy gaming!