Klaatu, barada, nik…. – The dead will live again

What would be a beautiful selection of monstrous denizens, if there wouldn’t be a dungeon they can dwell in? Exactly! Thus I started to scratch build a dungeon interior and started painting up some Warlord skeletons to populate it. They are a fragile bunch, but I really like the proportions.

The skeletal mage is a simple kit-bash. His  staff is from the Warlord Orc box, I just mounted a skull on one of the spear shafts.

Fun fact: The guys coming out of the ground are Skeletons, that arrived broken. I got replacements for them with no trouble at all, but I couldn’t face throwing away the broken ones.

Basing the skellies

No better way to depict fresh grave soil, using some fresh grave soil! Well, actually soil from the garden, you get the idea. Just get a shovel, sieve it and use only the fine dust. I mix the dust with kitchen herbs, some bigger stones, small roots, dry pigments and acrylic matte medium. This paste holds its shape and can be easily manipulated when wet. When dry, the mix is rock hard and can be dry-brushed, washed or more pigment can be added to highlight it.

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3 years ago

Hi, What paints did you use on the columns? i can never seem to get paint to take to the plastic cake columns. Thanks

6 years ago

Cool skeleton figures. Reminds me of the skeletons from the Ray Harryhausen movies.

10 years ago

Welp, they arrived, and they look to be in great condition. Now into the pile they go until it’s time for my undead army to be raised! I have a feeling that some of them will make it onto the bases of my Ogre army, though… 😉

10 years ago

I’ve gone for these instead of the GW skellies, since the price is much better than those in the VC line, and these have better proportions than the 20+ year old (modified) Skeleton Horde sprues still in use for Tomb Kings..

10 years ago

These guys look great! I’ve got a box of them on their way to me – might even be in tonight’s mail run, I’m hoping. Were the broken ones replaced by your retailer, or by WGF?

Reply to  DaggerAndBrush
10 years ago

I hope so. I’m getting them from a fairly well established UK retailer, so no telling how old the stock is.